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Binge Eating Causes – Feeling Unworthy

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There are all different causes for binge eating, but one that comes up a lot with my clients is feeling unlovable or unworthy. Since this is such a big struggle for so many of you, today I’m going to walk you through the process of how to overcome this feeling.
I also did a video on this topic over on my YouTube channel this week. You can check it out below:

#1. Realize that you are already worthy.
First and foremost, you must realize that you are innately worthy. You were born worthy. You are worthy right now, just the way you are. However, somewhere along the line, you decided or were told that your worth is dependent on something outside of yourself, like money, getting married, having a baby, or looking a certain way. Because of this, you’ve forgotten your innate worthiness.
And this isn’t surprising. We live in a culture where we’re constantly hustling for our worth and trying to prove that we are deserving of love and happiness. I know first hand how exhausting this can be. And when you feel unworthy, it can manifest in your relationship to food. I’m sure you can relate to using food as a drug to numb that belief or feeling of being unworthy or unlovable.

#2. Question everything.
To begin to believe in your own self-worth, you need to question everything. Ask yourself things like:
“Where did I learn this?”
“Is it actually true?”
“Who would I be without this feeling of ‘I'm not worthy?’”
Really – who would you be if you were just innately worthy? If your worth was not attached to money, accolades, achievement, or looks, and your worth was just you being you – what would that be like? How would you live your life? What version of you would emerge?
#3. Be with the feeling of unworthiness.
I want you to allow yourself the time and space to viscerally feel into the feeling of being unworthy. Just be with it. In reality, that feeling isn’t there to hurt you, it’s there to help you grow. It is a lesson.

Let yourself experience the feeling, and ask yourself, “How can I be with this feeling and love it so that I can heal it?” Because, at the end of the day, trying to numb out with food will not help you. It will not solve the root cause of why you are suffering – the belief that you are unworthy.
I want to share the strategy that really helped me overcome feeling unworthy…
Ask yourself, “What does it feel like to be worthy?”
Just by asking this question, your body will work to produce that feeling and make it true for you. So often, we default to what we’ve always done, like feeling unworthy your entire life. But when you ask your body a different, empowering question and get curious, your body will do the work for you to help you feel this new feeling.
Remember – your brain is your greatest protector, and it does this from a place of fear. So when you are aware of that, you can shift your perspective by asking questions like the one above, which will help you shift the beliefs that are no longer serving you.
Comment below and let me know if you struggle with unworthiness, and if it affects the relationship you have with food and your body.

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