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You Cannot Diet And Trust Yourself At The Same Time

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Trusting yourself is one of the hardest things to do.
So, I’m going to go ahead and ‪#‎truthbomb‬ you for a moment here.
When we ‘trust’ ourselves, we base it on our personality, our ego – the part of us that has let us down time and time again. There is a conditional trust, it’s based on mistakes, mess ups and letting ourselves down.
We go back in time and play mind games with ourselves, we find all the things we’ve done in the past that broke our trust – therefore, we can say we trust ourselves, but really, we don’t feel it or embody it.
I want you to dig deeper than your personality and ego, I want you to dig into your soul, into the depths of your being. Within that space, there is the capacity for trust and the feeling of total self-empowerment. Within the soul lays the potential to feel it, not just think about it.
There is no such thing as trusting while simultaneously dieting. You do one or the other, not both.
If you’re dieting, you’re essentially telling your body “I don’t trust you, let me manipulate my calories and listen to everyone else” while being in full trust goes something like this “Body, you’ve always had my back, please guide me and teach me how to nourish myself from within”
Massive difference.
When we restrict (which of course, leads to binging, because it’s just a physical reaction to deprivation) we are denying the capacity and ability for us to trust and be lead by our bodies and intuition.
The choice is yours – when you decide, decide hard.
Decide it’s inevitable, decide there is simply no other way or option but to go into the depths of your soul to find the inner trust.
You’ve got this.
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