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Eating Healthier Made Easy

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I know that when it comes to losing weight and eating healthy, it can be super overwhelming. There are so many competing methods out there. So many fad diets with different sets of rules and meal plans and dos and don’ts. It’s enough stress and confusion to make anyone throw in the towel, which is why I want to try my best to make eating healthier as simple as possible for you. 

Focus on your intention behind consumption. Are you choosing to eat because you are genuinely hungry, or are you choosing to eat because you’re bored, stressed, anxious, or something else that is more of an emotional cue? Also pay attention to the kind of food you are reaching for – usually if you are emotionally eating, you are going for sugar or junk or something that is likely unhealthy and that your mind is craving, not your body. 

Always ask this question before you eat something: “How do I want to feel–physically–after eating this?”  This is a ninja strategy that I still use to this day. If you want to feel good, light, and energized – then eating half a pizza and a pint of ice cream isn’t the way to go. You already know what kind of food makes your body feel good, you just need to work on being present and aware the moments BEFORE you eat, so that you can make your food choices from a place of love and inspired intention. 

Ditch the all or nothing mentality. Seriously, perfectionism in general is not doing you any favors, but bringing it into the food equation is a recipe for disaster. You can use food for health and hunger AND use it for enjoyment or to heighten an experience (e.g. having wine with a few girlfriends when you’re out to dinner). You can CHOOSE to enjoy a slice of cake at your child’s birthday party – just enjoy it and don’t judge yourself. 

So much of this struggle comes down to intention, perspective, and self-love. Practicing awareness is key. As is showing yourself patience, compassion, and love. It’s time to ditch the rules, and make your priority all about nourishment and feeling good. 

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