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So many women, again and again, find themselves caught up in the destructive multi-billion dollar diet industry. I wrote a whole article all about the truth behind the industry — you can read here. “Losing weight, getting healthy, and loving your body” have all been shoved down our throats by the ‘industry’ as a coverup for the lies. They prey on those most vulnerable to the diet culture because they understand the cycle of binge eating and they capitalize on it.

The good news is that as we continue advancing into the future, more women are waking up to the idea that the diet industry was never on our side. They are becoming aware that it feeds off of their fear, pain, and insecurities and makes it so you can never get out of the vicious cycle. 

You’re made to believe through deceptive marketing and one-size-fits-all ‘dieting’ methods that you are somehow being ‘healthy.’ By restricting and working yourself out to the point of exhaustion, you're getting ‘fit.'. They are targeting your sensitivities and vulnerabilities and know exactly what and who to market to so that they stay the $60 billion industry that they are. The diet culture fad feeds us the lies and we regurgitate exactly what they want — more products bought and more diets tried (and failed).

Some Truth For You

Here’s the thing: Disordered eating is an emotional issue and it needs an emotional solution. The diet industry gives you false promises filled with empty diets and meaningless exercise plans. It’s just not sustainable (I’m always in awe at how this industry still EXISTS). 

Here’s the truth: Food restriction and deprivation often trigger binge episodes and weight gain. So, the ‘diet’ industry that claims to be helping you is actually hurting you – causing you more pain and suffering so that you run back to them wanting (needing) another escape, another workout plan, another diet plan (no more tacos, EXCUSE ME, WHAT?). When you’re given another diet to try out, you’re setting yourself up to fail — and THEY know that. They understand where you will fail and they market to the part of you that doesn’t want to believe that an industry could be out to get you — all of you. They want your mind, they want your body, and most importantly — they want your money. 

What’s really going to heal you? Addressing the ROOT of the problem. Understanding WHY you’re binge eating and getting SO clear on the part of you that is crying out for help. What do you need? We do a lot of inner child work here at Hungry for Happiness and one of the questions we ask our little ones regularly is ‘what do you need from me to feel loved?’ It’s crucial that you connect with her and get down to the nitty-gritty of what she is crying out for. 


Diets and the diet culture that has been created doesn’t actually solve anything. They cover up your deep-seated emotions so you forget they even exist. But — big shocker — they don’t actually go away. They won’t ever go away unless you seek TRUTH. The struggle is not with your food or body — it’s about the deep wounding that you’re experiencing underneath it all. It’s about the underlying pain that needs healing. It’s about addressing your pain and emotionality and disengaging from a broken system.

When you practice self-love, you’re giving yourself permission to feel and accept yourself as you are. We’re not talking about ‘body positivity’ — that’s yet another corrupt system of dysfunctional belief. It leads you to believe that you are supposed to love your body all of the time. Even when you straight-up hate it. Let me let you in on a secret: body positivity only works if you first recognize that you hate your body. You can only love your body when you have come face-to-face with what you hate. Through acceptance comes surrender.

Diet culture stands in the way of you enjoying fully the woman that you want to be. Confident and in control of her own body. Becoming aware of how the system is holding you back gives back your choice to be happy. Breaking away from the deeply rooted intentions of the diet industry creates ripples for other women to begin doing the same. When you finally say NO to the next diet, you take back your freedom to choose for yourself. 

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