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Stop Obsessing Over Weight Loss

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I get the obsession with weight loss and the number on the scale. I truly do. That was my life for so many years. I wrapped up all of my significance in how much I weighed and how I looked. It’s also what caused me to try (and fail) over 50 fad diets in less than four years. I know my story resonates with you, because you’re here reading this email. 

It’s time to try something different, NAME. There truly is an underlying emotional cause to why you turn to food for comfort, and until you discover and heal that cause, no diet or crazy exercise schedule is going to permanently “fix” the number on the scale. 

When weight loss is your primary goal, you are operating from a place of fear and desperation. This means that any changes you make will not be sustainable, because you’re not doing them from a place of love and to nourish your body. You are simply doing them to adhere to a restrictive fad diet and lose weight.  

You need to release the attachment to the number on the scale. That diet mentality DOES NOT WORK for sustainable transformation.  Think about it – you’ve spent how long in the diet/binge cycle? How many diets have you done? How many diets have you failed? 

Getting off the diet roller coaster WILL give you the result of weight release over time, but you need to be patient. There is no quick fix for this struggle. You must dig in, do the work, and confront the underlying emotional pain head on. Once you do that, you won’t turn to food (or other addictive behaviors) to numb out and escape life. This is why weight loss is often a result of the emotional work. If you’re not using food for health and hunger, you must heal the reason WHY you are using it. 

What do you REALLY want? Go beyond numbers or jean size. What do you want to feel and experience? Is it genuine happiness and freedom? Is it being in love with yourself and accepting your body, no matter its “flaws”? Hone in on your deep why and make that your goal, not weight loss. Looks and the number on the scale are fleeting and superficial. But true healing and unconditional self-love are transformational and long lasting.

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