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Causes of Binge Eating

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When it comes to the causes of binge eating, it’s easy for you to rule out any possible reasons for fear of being out of control. I know that was the truth for me. I ran away from my emotional eating and filled the void I was escaping from with overexercising, massive consumptions from self-help ‘gurus,’ and searching for excuses that validated my ‘diet depression.’

Diet Depression

I used to dig for anything to make me feel whole, to make me feel like I was an actual person that could actually live a life that was happy and fulfilled. From my time as a coach, I discovered that the causes of binge eating for me revolved around an underlying cause that involves the lack of self-responsibility for my own emotions, and lack of understanding where these emotions were coming from, and how to handle them with proper love and care.

Until I took the time to understand what the root cause of my binge eating was, I spent so much time swinging between feeling and being good and losing control to food only to spend two hours at the gym the next morning making up for it. It wasn’t healthy. The causes of binge eating are partly about that inevitable losing control feeling, the one where it feels like you have no other choice. And the feeling of helplessness, where you don’t know where to go next. Trust me, I’ve been there and I see you…

I tried programs, traveled to different countries, studied with teachers, and tried my very best to figure out WTF was happening to me. I started up the path of spirituality, but it wasn’t authentic because I started to cover up the true causes of binge eating with my newfound spirituality. And I see this happening so, SO much. I had to understand the triggers that were causing these moments of binge eating. I was doing everything in my power to get this problem of mine under control.

Causes of Binge Eating

As I continued to learn and experience, I eventually found teachers and guidance that led me to the right path. It took a while, but once I opened up to receive this teaching, my life changed forever. Get this — there are super powerful economic-persuasion systems in the United States (and beyond for that matter) that have the sole purpose of getting us to binge, overeat, over-exercise, overcompensate, falsely heal, and then loop all the way around again. I’m telling you, I was part of that seemingly never-ending cycle for YEARS.

These persuasion systems ingrained in our societal brains, aka the diet industry, are successful in what they do because it’s their business model. If you actually healed, where would they gain profit? They can’t afford to have you heal — it doesn’t work out in their favor. Nearly three-quarters of American men and more than 60% of women are obese or overweight. So, whatever way they are selling us into the system is working.

The Diet Industry

The diet industry doesn’t want the real causes of binge eating to come to light. Because just like what happened when we found out our food was being processed with GMOs and the like, we will take a stand for our health and wellbeing. I mean if we don’t, who will? The industry makes extreme efforts to suppress the research that suggests diets don’t work. They spend billions of dollars targeting our subconscious minds. They have the entire system rigged in their favor.

If you want to understand the causes of binge eating and heal for real — you need to stop the constant strain you place on your body through dieting, learn to respect your body’s natural instincts around food, and understand what it means to be at your natural size. You were told from a young age what beauty looked like, but that was false, beauty is the mutual respect and honor system that you have with your body. And that is the only way to true healing.

One of the greatest teachers I've had by my side throughout my journey of healing has been meditation. So, I want to extend the offer for you to try it yourself. The Hungry for Happiness meditation series highlights themes that are in alignment with your healing. I promise you'll love it.

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