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Diet Fad Truths

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There are countless women that find themselves caught up in the 80 billion dollar industry that is the diet and weight loss industry. Losing weight, getting healthy, being sexy, and body love are all fads that have been making their rounds in society. But my mission is to expose the diet fad truths so that women like you can learn about the destruction that the industry has in mind.

The diet and weight loss industries prey on the vulnerabilities of you and I. They know what makes us tick, they’ve studied our triggers, and they’re only getting better at what they do (ie: manipulation and control). They are capitalizing on minds, hearts, and habits.

I spent years of my life totally unaware of the diet fad truths. I spent my days working out 2x hours a day, jumping from diet to diet (50 diets in 4 years, actually…), and competing in fitness competitions… Which led to extreme diets and extreme binge eating post-competition. It wasn’t a healthy cycle. 

Diet Fad Truths

Here’s the truth: the diet and weight loss industry don’t want their diet fad truths revealed. When you heal yourself and no longer need the support of the industry, you aren’t part of their profits anymore. Through their deceptive marketing and one-size-fits-all ‘dieting’ promises, you’re made to believe that the diet pills and fad diets are the cure for your emotional eating.

But NEWS FLASH: This is one of the biggest lies of the century. And I fell for it. I was so out of touch with my body I signed up for every diet fad, followed every fitness competition, and worked my ass off to keep the weight I lost from undereating off…

The Real Cause

Here’s what they know — they know that disordered eating is a real thing and takes up a lot of space in your mind. They use this to their advantage by telling you exactly what you want to hear. ‘This diet will help this,’ ‘this pill will help you do this,’ ‘this exercise routine will help you do this.’ The diet fad truths I’m telling you won’t be in the next issue of Health Magazine.


None of these quick-fix solutions are going to have any long term benefits. This industry is filled with empty diets and meaningless exercise plans. It’s insane that this is still the weight loss and diet model of today (it’s insane). 

Here’s the cycle: food restriction often triggers binge eating episodes and weight gain. So, the diet industry that claims to be helping you is actually hurting you. Every time they give you a new diet, they’re setting you back up in the hamster wheel they’ve built for society. Especially the women of this society. We have constantly been told what’s beautiful and what it means to be sexy. But who TF made them in charge? When it comes to diet fad truths, the last thing the industry wants is for you to learn about what’s actually going on.

Feel to Heal

The only thing that is actually going to heal you is getting to the ROOT of the issue. You have to understand WHY you’re emotional eating so that you can hear the part of you that is crying out desperately for help. Uncovering the diet fad truths of the weight loss and diet industry is the first step to stepping into your power to control the media you consume, the people you trust, and how you take care of your body.

This is a topic that gets reaallllly deep. So, I wrote a book where I poured all of these truths and more onto every single page. The book comes out via Hay House next month and you can pre-order your copy here. When you do, you get our free 21-Day Body Love Meditation free delivered right to your email. The time is now to learn to feel, to learn to heal, to learn to be in love with your body and food.

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