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How Your Diet Is Keeping You Fat

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Dieting is a great idea until you’re 15 years down the line, 50 diets deep and 30 pounds heavier.
Dieting is a good idea until the shame of failing is percolating through your pours.
Dieting is a good idea until you turn into a head case, ignoring people around you and sitting on your hands to not devour the plate of brownies.
Dieting is a good idea until you realize that you’re ruining your life, saying no to social engagements while you sit at home sipping water and wondering how many calories you’ve consumed that day.
Dieting is a good idea until you wake up and realize that it’s not the physical weight that is the problem, it’s the emotional weight.
You’re dieting because you hate your body – let’s just make this clear. You can look in the mirror and convince yourself all you want that it’s for ‘health’ reasons but when you’re starving yourself and jumping on and off the scale multiple times a day, you’re not kidding anyone, especially yourself.
You’ve got to be willing to risk getting fat in order to release physical weight. 
Hear me out on this one for a hot minute…
You don’t want to get off a diet because you’re terrified you’re going to ‘lose control’ and gain 300 pounds, you don’t want to get off the diet because you don’t trust yourself, you don’t want to get off the diet because the thought of gaining weight is equivalent to death in your eyes.
You’ve got to get over yourself to get over the struggle.
Throw it in the towel on the fear – if you want to lose the emotional weight (which then will allow you to release the physical weight) you’ve got to be OK with gaining weight.
The fear of gaining weight will leave you feeling stuck and defeated – yoyo-ing back and forth and never reaching the inner happiness you’re actually searching for. You don’t want to be skinny, you want to feel what you think being skinny will bring you.
If you’re searching for a feeling on weight loss, you’re doing it all wrong. You need to feel the feeling first and move through it.
I believe in lightness – all the power to you if you want to experience lightness in your body – good on you. However, the journey of getting there is what makes all the difference – are you running away from your body, taking action in fear and masking the core issue? If so, you will remain overweight and overwhelmed.
Only when we dig into the core issue, what is causing the problem will we be able to experience lightness emotionally and physically.
Dieting will keep you in the cycle of being overweight and overwhelmed – stop being the victim, you’re better than that.

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