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Emotional Eating and Breathwork

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We all saw it coming, breathwork is the new cool. I’m convinced more people are jumping on the breathwork train this year than ever before, and it’s awesome. For real, until you try breathwork, you just don’t get it! It’s an experiential thing — you have to do it to experience it. It’s not just another form of meditation but a way to heal and improve your mental state and your physical and spiritual well-being. And emotional eating and breathwork go hand in hand when it comes to sustainable healing. Let me explain…

Emotional eating comes from a deeper need for connecting with your body. There is a disconnect somewhere in the system. Whether it’s guilt, shame, or depression, emotional eating is a vicious cycle that seems to be never-ending. So, here’s how emotional eating and breathwork go together. 

Emotional Eating and Breathwork

Breathwork is the practice of controlling the breath in a way that promotes the release of stuck and stagnant emotions within the body. When you emotionally eat, you are trying to cover up emotions that are making themselves known. Emotional eating, overeating, binge eating — each of these meaning similar things, the act of using food as a drug as a way to not feel emotions.

Following me?

So, when you engage in a practice like breathwork, you are giving your body the opportunity to create space within to release and heal. When you release, you feel, and when you feel, you heal. That’s something I say quite often, that you must feel in order to heal. It’s a cycle that’s necessary for your growth and happiness. 

Why Food?

When it comes to emotional eating and breathwork, what you’re doing is highlighting the emotions that may be causing the feeling of emptiness or emotional void. Food is what’s being used to fill these parts of us to create a false sense of feeling ‘full’ or whole. Like I mentioned before, it’s using food as a drug.

You Are Your Own Drug

Breathwork is about getting deep and uncovering the truth from within. You don’t need anything outside of yourself to heal your emotional eating. You have everything within you that you could possibly need. Along with emotional eating and breathwork, there are tons of studies that show how meditation can also lead to healing emotional eating. So, check out the Hungry for Happiness 21 Day Meditation Series, it’s helped hundreds of people already. 

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