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Food – The Modern Day Drug

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You think that ‘no one understands you’ or ‘it’s not that big of a deal’

…so you sweep it under the rug, suppress all emotion and pretend you’re ‘all good’ ‘

But you’re not, you’re fighting an internal battle.

What am I talking about?

Binge Eating.

Binge eating is not normal behaviour.

Binge eating is abusive to your body.

Binge eating is the root reason as to why we’re in a constant war with our bodies and our minds.

Food is a modern day drug, we use food to numb our emotions, to hide from the world and to immediately change the state of our bodies to get rid of the negative emotions we are feeling consumed by.

You’re not alone, trust me. But I will also tell you that binge eating is something you can overcome. The problem is you don’t want to talk about, you feel socially isolated because you feel like you will be misunderstood, I get it – I get all of it.

All I want you to focus on when it comes to overcoming the struggle you have with food is breathing. Using our breath to calm our bodies and minds down. Binge eating is perpetuated but being ‘too much up in our heads’. When we drop down into our bodies we are able to access a part of us that has all the answers. When we take a moment to connect to our breath, which then connects the mind to the body we are able to make decisions from a place of clarity.

Try it, right now. (seriously, take a moment right now)

Take three deep breaths while closing your eyes – focus on how you want to feel, really bring that feeling to life, become it.

Do it now.

Notice the state change of your body.You have access to this in every moment of the day – it’s a beautiful and liberating realization.

You’re loved.


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