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If You Overeat, You're Treating Your Body Like A Trash Can.

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I’m fairly sure, as children, we’ve all been told to eat everything on our plates because there are starving children in Africa.
I can remember chocking down mussels in a restaurant because I didn’t want to disappoint my Mother or god forbid, the children in Africa. They would be given a message that there was an over privileged 8-year-old girl who refused to eat everything on her plate and I’d have to live with that.
I know you hear me out on this one.
This pattern and behaviour percolated into my adulthood and there were years where I finished every morsel on my plate – despite the fact I was full and feeling sick.
I’d hear my mother's voice in my head and I felt compelled to eat every last bite. This behaviour was because of a deep rooted story that I’d disappoint my mother as well as the children in Africa.
“I have to eat it all” 
We believe this when food is free, and we also believe this when we have paid for food.
A wedding buffet for instance… “It’s all available, let’s go for it”
..or a dining at fancy restaurant, “This food is expensive, I have the finish it all”
We completely disregard the fact we have an inner system incredibly capable of telling us when enough is enough.
This being said – this internal place, or ‘intuition’ if you will, is impossible to access and follow the guidance when we are combating mental noise.
When the inner voice is justifying the need for overconsumption, we can’t hear our bodies communicating its needs to us.
And here is the thing – when we decide to overeat based on beliefs from our childhood we are using our bodies as trash cans rather than using the trashcan itself.
Fundamentally, there is no difference between overeating past our basic needs and throwing the rest of the turkey pie in the trash. Equally, it’s both wasted, neither useful nor valuable.
Your body is a temple, not a trashcan. How much respect do you have for your grimy trashcan that sits under the sink?
The respect level of your body is equivalent to that when you decide to stuff it unnecessarily.
Take note of these beliefs – observe the stories you’re holding onto. Think back to you as a child at the dinner table, what were you told about eating?
Are these stories still a part of you?
Are they creating behaviours that aren’t in alignment with the needs of your body?
Once you figure out these stories, write them out. Get them out of your head and onto paper. Repeat them to yourself, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘is this true?’
Repeat the belief, and question the truth. If you come to an agreement that the belief you’re holding onto isn’t serving you at the highest level, create an affirmation to install a new belief.
‘My body is a temple – it’s enough, when it’s enough”
You’ve got this. 
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