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Meditation as a Tool to Heal Emotional Eating

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If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of meditation. That’s why my latest YouTube video is a Guided Meditation to Help Heal Emotional Eating.
It was while I was on my own journey to heal my binge eating and body image issues that I first discovered meditation. After years of experimentation and exploration, I’ve come to a place where I know for a fact that meditation is an extremely helpful tool to heal emotional eating.
Here’s why:
Connecting to Your Body
Meditation allows you to connect to your body. When you are in a state of silence and stillness, you turn off the external noise of the world. Without these distractions, it becomes easier for you to drop into your body and build and nurture that connection. When you have a strong connection to your body, you’re able to do things like decipher between physical hunger cues vs emotional hunger cues, and discern how to use food for health and hunger.
Stillness, and consistent exposure to it, allows you to build your well of inner peace and guidance. You’ll learn that you do not need to be go, go, going 24/7. You will begin to understand that you can exist outside of food and weight and everything in between. The more you meditate, the easier you will find it to drop into your body and connect to your higher self. You will be less likely to turn to emotional eating as a way to cope with stress and pain.
Meditation allows you to hone and utilize your breath. Breath is like a built in relaxation system that you have access to every minute of every day. Breathing is the quickest way to achieve a state change, which is what your body is seeking when you binge eat. Meditating will condition you to rely on your breathing more on and more, which means you’ll reach for the junk food less and less.
Feeling Pain
Something I teach all of my clients is that you need to feel in order to heal. When you meditate, you are allowing yourself time and space to strengthen the connection between mind and body, head and heart. This results in learning how to open yourself up to not only feeling pain and emotions, but allowing yourself to sit with them. Only then will you learn that you are strong enough to feel, and that pain and sticky feelings are things that you can release and move past.
I encourage you to experiment with meditation. I have a few different meditation videos over on my YouTube channel. You can also check out meditation apps like Insight Timer, Calm, and Headspace.
Find the practice that feels good to you, and don’t be afraid to try new things.
You’ve got this!
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