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It's Not What You Eat, It's What Is Eating At You

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We are so quick to externalize and ‘fix’ the things that are eating away at us internally.
When we feel an emotional void from within, we right away look outside ourselves to fill the void. We are on a quest to feel.
To feel loved
To feel accepted
To feel whole
To feel in control
And here is the problem…
When we externalize (restrictive diets, overexercise) an internal issue (emotional voids) we enter the ‘diet/binge’ cycle, never filling the emotional void we were searching for.
When we unblock what is ‘eating us alive' from within we are able to meet that need at a fundamental level.
We are able to feel whole from within. When we realize all the answers come from within and we have the ability to feel that of which we are searching for, without harming our bodies and minds, we feel liberated, we feel free.
THEN and only then will you be able to release not only the emotional weight you’re carrying, but also the physical weight.
Start with love.
End with love.
You’ll never lose that game.
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