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Scarcity Mindset (Why It Leads to Binge Eating)

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Here’s a binge eating cause that may have never occurred to you: scarcity mindset. The truth is, scarcity mindset is an innate part of our brains, and it can screw up everything from our relationship to food, to our finances, and even our relationships.
Today, I’m gonna break down how scarcity mindset can lead to binge eating. I released a video on this topic earlier this week. You can check it out here:

We operate from scarcity mindset constantly.
Although scarcity mindset is an unconscious way of thinking, we operate from it constantly. The world is rooted in scarcity and perfectionism, and we’ve been conditioned to think this way. However, the reality is that we can choose abundance, and there’s an overflow of it to go around.
Take inventory of your scarcity mindset. Do you catch yourself thinking or saying things like, “There’s never enough…I can’t afford that…”
If you are constantly coming from a place of lack, and all you can think about is what you don’t have and never will have, you are just going to attract more of that lack into your life. Check in with your beliefs to figure out if scarcity mindset is relevant to how you live your life.

Do you have a “last supper” mentality?
The feast or famine perspective is often what drives us into the binge/diet cycle. When you eat, do you get fearful because you’re not sure when you’ll get food (or your favorite food) again? This whole last supper mentality is a real thing, and it stems from scarcity.
Desire often becomes addiction.
Are your desires addictive? Especially with food? Do you use food to enhance your experience, or are you “addicted” to that food? You need to be honest and really evaluate your intention behind eating.

I used to live in scarcity mode constantly. It’s actually one of the reasons I developed my binge eating disorder. The ninja strategy that really helped me overcome scarcity mindset was:
Adapt an abundance mindset.
Abundance is a choice. Your brain is wired for scarcity, but you can choose to think abundantly.
Ask yourself, “If I was to believe there’s enough, what would that feel like in my body?”
Each day, reflect on how you can choose abundance. When you operate from abundance, you attract more abundance into your life. So, what can you do today to change your relationship to abundance?

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