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Why 'Self-Control' Is Keeping You Stuck

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It’s almost praised in our society to be ‘in control’ of fucking everything…
We all want to be in control, feel in control, look like we are in control…
Truthfully – it’s a joke and distancing us from happiness.
The constant quest to feel in control is the driving force of us not feeling enough. We are spinning 1000's of plates over our head living in constant fear we are going to smash one all over the floor…
And when we do, this is what happens…
“I told you, I knew you couldn’t handle it – you’re weak and have no will power”
(screams our inner voice)
You see – self-control is not sexy, it implies we don’t trust ourselves, it suggests we don’t have the ability to handle the ebb and flow of life.
Self-control is rooted in fear, it’s telling us to ‘be on guard’ because we aren’t safe, and don’t have the power to cope.
“If I can just control everything (including food) I will be ok, everything will stay balanced”
The diet you think you are in complete ‘control’ of is actually making you out of control.
Self-control is a practice of constantly doubting, fearing and second guessing our decisions and our ability to handle outcomes when they arise.
We are living in a constant state of always fearing the outcome, we envision the worst case scenario and do our absolute best to avoid it at all costs.
When we THINK about the worst, what happens? We create it. What we create in our minds, we create in the real world. This is the power of the mind.
We need to embody self-trust. The exact opposite of self-control. When we are trusting, we are telling the universe that we can handle the outcome, whatever it may be.
Self Control
– Fearing the future and doubting we are strong enough to handle the outcome
Self Trust
– Trusting ourselves, living in the moment and knowing that whatever the outcome, we can handle it.
See the difference?
Self-trust is built and cultivated by making mistakes, learning and then realizing you have the ability and power to handle whatever life throws at you.
When your level of self-trust outweighs your level of self-control you have a desire to nourish your body from a place of love, not from a place of fear.
This shift eliminates the need for control knowing our bodies have the ability to tell us exactly when we are hungry and exactly when we are full.
And before you ask, no – trusting yourself will not make you blow up to 300 pounds.
Trusting yourself, and your hunger cues will be the access point to your body and mind working in harmony together – meaning when you release the emotional weight you are carrying you will also release the physical weight.
Let go a little today – juuuuuuuust a little. Know you have the power and ability to completely let go of all control, fall into the unknown and trust your body, intuition and higher self will be there to catch you.
You’ve got this.
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