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Stop Making Things So Hard

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Do you have a tendency to make things hard AF for no reason? Maybe you’re like me, and you’re a classic high achiever who’s been conditioned to believe that if you really want something, it needs to be super hard to get it. Thanks, hustle culture 😉 Think about it, how many times have you heard something like:
“Nothing worth it comes easy.”
“No pain, no gain.”
“If you want something bad enough, you gotta hustle for it.”
Helloooo, socially programmed phrases and beliefs that make like SO much harder than it needs to be. I believed this BS so much that I used to create effin disasters in my business to work through, just so I could feel accomplished. Crazy, right?! Here’s the truth though…
Life can be easy, if YOU make it so. 

We have so much access to the things we desire most through FLOW and ATTRACTION, not through force and hustle. Yeah, being a coach and entrepreneur is HARD – I work my tits off on the daily – but it’s INSPIRED action vs. FORCED action. It all comes down to your intention and beliefs WHILE you move through your work. So how can you make things easy on yourself?
Step One: NAME the limitations and the beliefs that are holding you back.
Step Two: Ask yourself, “If I was to achieve that with ease and flow while having loads of fun, what would that look like?”
Step Three: CREATE empowering associations when it comes to achievement and work. Here’s one of mine, “I get to effortlessly attract abundance and opportunity.”
Take some time and work through your conditioning and limiting beliefs. And then start to shift them. What is your new empowering belief around achievement? How are you going to make your life SO MUCH easier?


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