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Struggling To Lose Weight? Read This.

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I think it’s fair to say, this whole mind and body integration conversation is near mainstream. More and more, we are realizing how dynamically interconnected the mind and body are.
With this in mind, it’s fair to say your body is a physical manifestation of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. A lack of self-worth within the mind will quite literally show up physically on the body.
And this is where we are backwards in our approach to weight loss.
Our world is on a quest to externalize an internal issue. We’re under the assumption diet and exercise will inevitably release excess weight, therefore, be releasing the emotional pain which perpetuated the weight gain in the first place.
Your body is simply a representation of your worth. It’s a temple which tells the story of your mind. Your standards. Your values and your deep rooted beliefs.
Don’t chase change. It will run, like most things in life that are being chased. Become the change before you’re ready. Embody the change at a cellular level.
A deep rooted belief of ‘I’m not worthy of feeling my best’ will mentally keep you stuck, fighting the external fight and losing. You can externalize every move, every calorie, every pound – but this will be meaningless work if the foundation hasn’t been created first. The goal will be reached and you’ll then crumble because it was built on a dodgy foundation.
(enter the vicious diet/binge cycle)
Failure is quite literally built into the fiber of dieting. And in saying this, when we are caught up in dieting we assume that failure as our own. We own it, we become it.
The kicker here is that this belief isn’t exclusive to dieting – it percolates into all areas of our lives. We create a story around why are failures. We deny our potential, we hold ourselves back and we live confined within a box of limited capability.
We cannot think our way out of this failure paradigm most dieters have been spun into, it’s impossible. It needs to be felt and reprogrammed from within.
Although feeling our way out of emotional pain is natural and how we were fundamentally designed, it's an uncommon concept and practise in the world today.
It requires us to let go of the ‘band-aid on a bullet wound’ mentality and take a stand for ourselves. It’s more painful, takes courage but will inevitably be the access point to sustainable long-term transformation on an emotional and physical level.
Play a bigger game, you've got this.
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