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The Power of Choosing Yourself

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One of my favorite things about witnessing such epic transformation in my clients is seeing them rise up and put themselves first. There is so much power in choosing yourself and committing to yourself, your own life experience, and your fundamental happiness. 
Make yourself a priority. 
So many of us are people pleasers, and we tend to put the experience of others before our own experience. Why? Because we are afraid of being rejected or unloved. We believe we need to constantly do things for others and make others happy to be worthy of love and accolades, but that is a load of BS. It’s important to make yourself a priority and tend to your own needs and wants. Because at the end of the day…
You are the only one who can enact change in your life. 
This is why choosing yourself is so powerful. You are rising up and committing to yourself at the highest level. You are telling the Universe that not only do you acknowledge that you are worthy of everything you want, but you are ready for it. 

Choosing yourself means getting curious.
You may have put others first for so long that you don’t even know what you like or want. That’s totally okay! Now it’s all about getting curious. Figure out what you like. Figure out what you desire. What are your passions? What is something you’ve always wanted to do? A place you’ve always wanted to go? Have fun and get curious as you discover who you truly are at your core. 
Choosing yourself gives others permission to do the same.
A beautiful thing about this type of work is that it often has an amazing ripple effect on the people in your life. When your loved ones see that you are committed to yourself, transformation, and being happy, they become inspired to do the same. I’ve heard from so many clients who say that their time in The Society, and everything they learned, has affected the people in their life in a magical way. 
Choosing yourself means choosing the life you’ve always wanted to live. It means that you own your truth, step into your power, and rise up to become the highest, best, and most authentic version of yourself. 

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