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Truth About Weight Loss

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When we think about losing weight, we think about it in the physical sense. Burning fat, dropping calories, restriction, deprivation.. all of it.
Eat less, exercises more.
And I get it, it makes sense – after all, you’ve got a 60 billion dollar industry playing to your insecurities on the regular, there isn’t much space, bandwidth or capacity for you to explore anything else.
But, what if, I was to just lean in for a moment, digress from the current weight conversation and create a new, more disruptive yet more empowered conversation?
What if I told you that the physical weight you’re carrying is simply a representation of the emotional weight you’ve been carrying?
What if I told you that it has way less to do with the caloric deficient and more to do with the emotional release of stories, beliefs and baggage?
I’m not saying I’m right or this is the case for you, but I want you to explore it.
Play with me for a second…
IF (just until you finished reading this) you assumed that the weight you’re carrying around on your physical frame is a reflection of the weight you’re carrying around emotionally – what could you let go of?
Let me explain…
Perhaps you’re carrying around weight as a physical barrier to intimacy
Perhaps, at a cellular level, don’t feel you’re worthy of looking and feeling beautiful
Perhaps you’re holding onto (literally) the weight of guilt and shame
Perhaps releasing weight for you, feels like a loss and your ego just can’t handle it.
What are you holding onto emotionally?
What are you gripping onto?
What in your life is giving you bleeding palms and a heavy heart?
Look at the term ‘weight loss’ for a moment, the term ‘loss’ implies there is something to be ‘found’.
Which is always what happens when we lose weight from a place of fear, body hate and shame, we gain it back.
You can’t shame yourself skinny – you’ve probably been trying your entire life and been hitting a brick wall.
Fear based transformation isn’t a sustainable way to achieve our intentions – all you’re doing is putting band aids on bullet wounds when you manipulate your calories to change your body.
Release the emotional weight, release the physical weight. Ask yourself what you’re holding onto emotionally which is showing up physically.
I ask you to be courageous and brave – be present and intentional. Tap into your body and get curious about emotional wounds. There is a world of possibility and growth laying dormant within you waiting to be explored and released.
Then, and only then, will true, sustainable transformation happen.
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