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Value Over Quick Profit

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How many times have you come across a $5 or $10 coaching “e-book” online? Do they make you as punchy as they make me? Here’s the thing – when coaches are only focused on making a quick profit, they tend to offer minimal support for minimal help and then wonder why, at the end of the month, they still aren’t making ends meet. 

A good coach provides transformation at the deepest level.

And that ain’t a cheap AF e-book 😉

It’s so important to go DEEP with our clients. We need to create offers and experiences for them that will truly transform the way they live their lives. 

Crafting a high-end offer isn’t about throwing around $5 e-books, it’s about offering valuable lessons and tools and then TEACHING our clients how to use them and integrate their new knowledge into their everyday life to experience real, sustainable change.

When we do this effectively as coaches, we have a bigger impact on our clients. It’s about value, not fast cash, jafeeeel me?!

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