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Walk the Walk

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I am so frickin sick of seeing the blind leading the blind in the coaching industry aka coaches who are highly knowledgeable about tools and frameworks but aren't a true embodiment of the work. It’s like the epitome of hypocrisy, jafeeel me?!

So here’s the deal, the BEST skill a coach can have is truly embodying the work – with every conversation, every trigger, and every relationship in their own life.

I know we all get into this field because we have a passion for helping others, which is a beautiful thing. However, just consuming and then regurgitating content isn’t an effective coaching strategy.

It’s all about TRUE integrity as a coach. You need to have a soul-shake agreement with yourself to always be walking the walk. So ask yourself: 

  • Am I truly showing up for myself?
  • Am I living the work outside of my client sessions?
  • Am I in true integrity with myself and my work?

At the end of the day, only YOU know if you’re walking the walk. Lead and guide wisely and responsibly, and you will be a gift to your clients, and the world.

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