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What the hell does 'being in your body' mean you ask?

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What does ‘being in your body' actually mean?
This is the funny thing, I use this term a lot, I explain it a lot and it still lands in funny places for most people.
And this is the kicker – being ‘in our bodies’ is our natural state, it’s how we were fundamentally designed to operate.
Over the years we’ve been conditioned to over think everything, we’ve been conditioned to only use the power of the mind and neglect the most powerful tool for wisdom and communication, our bodies.
It’s freaking fascinating.
In our culture and how we’ve grown to experience life is from a place of logic.
Which yes, serves us in many ways. Like, curating data to explore scientific discoveries, of course you brain power is the essential component.
However, we bring this energy and way of operating into nearly every area of our lives (where it really doesn’t belong and totally messes with the natural flow of life)
Connection and intimate relationships with other and with the self is essential for survival. At a fundamental level, this need must be met. However, rather than feeling our way through these relationships, we think our way through them. Hammering out every detail, every interaction, every word…
We then gather the ‘data’ and find a solution, which by the way, most of the time isn’t indicative of reality, and it a by product of the pre-programmed stories and beliefs engrained in our sub-conscious.
Feeling, tuning into your body and being curious about the wisdom communicated to you body is the access point in making decisions from that place of ultimate power, your body knows best.
One of the most simple yet profound ways to integrate mind and body, head and heart is accessed through the breath.
When we simply reply on logic, we are denying ourselves a beautiful opportunity for growth and connection.
What is the best way you connect into your body?
Share the goodness with me,
All love,
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