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    Hungry for Happiness

    Hacking Sleep, Using Pain as a Teacher & Tools to Heal Anxiety Holistically

     In this episode, I spoke with siblings Angie and Mike Lee, co-founders of the multimillion-dollar company Soul CBD on natural healing, supporting your body with plant-based medicine, and the lessons in resilience that come from healing an autoimmune disease and boxing! Mike Lee shares his story of how he…

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    Hungry for Happiness
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    The 12 Coping Styles and Their Antidotes with Dr. Sam Rader

     In this episode, I spoke with Dr. Sam Rader, the creator of Source Code Psychology. We talked about the unconscious algorithms behind negative patterns and the coping mechanisms we create as children to survive. She has expertly grouped these “coping styles” into 12 categories, complete with an antidote, to…

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